Personalization is one of the most developmental processes in polygraphy. Just over a dozen years ago, the first professional personalization centers were created in Poland, and now almost every printing office has personalization of prints in its offer. In our printer’s, we have been dealing in the personalization of prints for almost 20 years. To this end, the Print Personalization Department has been created. Modern machines, experience and the highest quality of personalization have meant that we are at the forefront of producers of all kinds of prints and documents using bar codes, numbering and individual personalization. We are able to personalize any number of prints, in any form and in any range. We can personalize on paper with a grammage of 70 to 350 g / m² in the format from 210 × 148 mm to 305 × 450 mm, one-sided (simplex) and double-sided (duplex). In the case of personalizing documents with the use of personal data or sensitive data, we implement orders by guaranteeing our clients fulfillment of all legal requirements in accordance with the applicable regulations.

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