You can print in various ways – with different printing techniques, on different substrates, with different paints. Printing has fascinated us for many years. We develop and implement more and more new technologies, we buy the latest machines and devices. All this to improve the quality and efficiency of printouts, but above all to meet the expectations of our customers. We use the following printing techniques:

  • Offset printing
  • Digital print
  • Typography (numbering)
  • Screen printing

We use special inks for printing securities, such as:

  • UV-fluorescent paint
  • optically variable paint
  • iridiscent paint
  • thermochromic paint
  • removable paint
  • IR ink
  • metallic paint
  • magnetic paint
  • fluorescent paint

We print on paper substrates:

  • watermarked paper, with security fibers, with chemical protection
  • offset and reprint paper
  • self-copying paper
  • self-adhesive paper
  • chalk, cardboard,

with paper of any grammage and in format up to B2.

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