Personalized prints

The process of personalizing prints is the application of all variable data, printed in the form of: numbers, letters, special characters and a combination of all three forms, anywhere in a given print (document). In addition, to facilitate the reading of these variables, we can generate individual barcodes and codes in the QR model, which will be a link for human-readable recording with a record read by electronic systems, eg CRM systems. In mass correspondence, the use of the personalization process greatly facilitates the sender’s communication with the print subscriber, shortening the time of preparing it for further dispatch and providing full control over the flow of a given information stream. Variable data includes, among others:

  • personal data
  • addresses and locations
  • numbering
  • individual bank accounts (IBAN)

Some of the prints in which we use personalization are:

  • valuable prints and accurate accounts such as: tickets, vouchers, bills of exchange, loyalty coupons, certificates
  • job and utility papers: contracts, applications, declarations, fee books, cover letters, transactional forms
  • advertising printed matter: leaflets, brochures, booklet covers.

In order to adapt and determine the possibility of completing the personalization process, we provide our clients with technical advice as early as the planning and product planning stage. In order to discuss the details of your ideas, we invite you to contact our employees of the Customer Service Department.

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